Facebook advertising

PPC campaigns on Facebook can complement Google AdWords campaigns effectively, with very unique and special targeting options.

Get to know our Facebook solutions

Whether you are operating a family business or you run a major ecommerce business with more thousand product items to be promoted, we have a suitable social media solution for you.

  • No previous Facebook campaigns
  • Creation of landing pages if need to be
  • Set up of basic Facebook campaign structure
  • Finetuning and optimization
  • Ongoing consultation
  • You’ve had or currently have a campaign
  • Auditing of existing Ad account and campaign(s)
  • Modification of existing campaigns and/or setup of new campaigns
  • Finetuning and optimization
  • Online marketing consultancy
  • Advanced settings
  • Improvement of existing campaigns
  • Tailor made solutions for your business goals
  • Implement latest Facebook ad solutions
  • Auditing, consulting and optimization

10 facts about Facebook advertising

  • Global coverage

    Facebook is the World’s major social media platform

  • Online shopping is booming

    The majority of customers look for products online and a decreasing number will purchase them in an offline shop

  • Digital advertising for the future

    Traditional offline advertising lacks sophisticated targeting options

  • Millions of clicks every day

    Facebook is visited by more billion people worldwide every day

  • Facebook advertising doesn’t replace good website content!

    Facebook brings quick results, but investing into a solid website content can help you lower your marketing costs. (You Facebook followers belong to Facebok, not you!)

  • Decisions are made online

    70% of viewers of offline ads search later for the products online

  • High reach of almost every age group

    Facebook coverage is growing among elder population rapidly

  • Video Ads on Facebook are almost as cheap, as on YouTube

    Facebook video ads are shorter than YouTube videos, you can pay for 3- or 10 second video ad views.

  • Do not compare Facebook advertising with Google ads

    Despite high-definition targeting options on Facebook, your results will not be comparable to Google Seach Ads.

  • Sophisticated target audience solutions

    You have very effective target audience solutions avaiable on Facebook, meaning unique audiences, lookalike audiences and segmented retargeting.

Facebook is the preferred choice of paid advertising for products and services that have very unique and specific target groups, reachable especially on Facebook or preferred by webshop operators regarding its very effective retargeting options.



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